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Development Process

Developing Spraying Technologies

Since our company was founded, PLASMA has led the way in developing
cutting-edge spraying technologies, such as the very promising cold spray
technology. In some circumstances, we collaborate with other corporations and
universities in our daily quest to uncover the possibilities offered by new spraying

We have amassed a wealth of high-level process knowledge through our pursuit of
thermal spraying research and application development, and this
allows us to solve customerfs problems and respond to a wide range of needs.

Design and Development of Spraying Equipment

As part of our development of new technologies, we handle the indispensable
spraying equipment design and manufacturing processes in-house. We also handle
the development, design and production of peripheral equipment, such as
designing a series of equipment for the spraying process, according to material
and product features.

In addition, we blend the necessary gas types and quantities ourselves, enabling us
to present the ideal spraying technology to match our customersf requests.

Flexible Response During Trials and Development

By handling all spraying equipment in-house, we are able to flexibly respond to
sudden changes in specifications or form during the trial phase. Corrosion
resistance, abrasion resistance, the ability to create an even coating over complex
shapes: our expert engineers use their familiarity with spraying technologies to
provide reliable products to our customers.

Furthermore, during mass production, we are involved in the design of the
production line, contributing to improving production efficiency,
and reducing both lead time and costs.