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Qualty Control

Qualty Control

In addition to using the latest spraying equipment, we have also enhanced our
inspection and measurement equipment, further reinforcing quality control efforts.

DPV2000 In-Flight Particle Diagnostics System

We were the first corporation in Japan to
introduce the DPV2000 system, developed
by Tecnar. This system measures the speed,
temperature and size of in-flight particles
produced during spraying, allowing early
detection of defects or irregularities in the
spray gun condition, ensuring that a correct
coating is formed every time and helping to
maintain high quality standards.


Confocal Microscope

The use of laser microscopes allows us to
observe and analyze the surface shapes of
the blast and spraying surface. By analyzing
the blast surface three-dimensionally, we are
able to set blast conditions according to the
base material properties, hardness or other
features in the spraying pre-process,
allowing us to efficiently select blast
conditions that will affect adhesive strength.


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Using a scanning electron microscope allows
us to investigate the structure of the coating
film, its construction and the nature of the
boundary between the film and base
material-critical information from the
standpoint of spray coating functionality.
Furthermore, we can conduct X-ray
composition analyses, allowing us to locate
impurities or foreign matter. This kind of
micro-level analysis of spray coating
structure contributes to improved product


Cross Section Polisher

The cross section polisher uses argon to produce an ion beam that sweeps the surface of the sample being polished. This is a nonmechanical means of polishing the cross-sectional face of a sample. The result is a highly polished face on which even the finest details of the sample have been preserved. It is used primarily for delicate samples that may tear away or that tend to smear with mechanical polishing.


Laser Particle Size Analyzer

The laser particle size analyzer is a high tech instrument for determining the particle size distributions of various powder mixtures. This equipment incorporates optical, mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies. It features advanced mechanical design and integrated microelectric circuits.